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How do you tell people that they have given a whole new meaning to the word "greed" without sounding like a whimpering crybaby?

How do you communicate with megalomaniacs?

And how can you do it with music  that is characteristic of the days before our culture began to die out?

You Are Here
Hi gang ~ Thanks for tuning in !

Rumors of my ascention to a higher plane of existence have been grossly exaggerated. 

I'm still here and have been writing and recording a lot.  My CD is finished! 
It has not been released yet but stay tuned for further developments. 

You can hear all 9 songs at  or 

I'm currently working on my next CD. 

I started writing because I wanted to play my own music after having played covers in my bands for so long. Progressive Rock has always been my genre of choice and I was heavily influenced by the giants of the 70's, 80's & early 90's. 

I am a guitar player and singer. I also dabble in keys, drum machines, computer technology, sequencing etc. Having written a host of proggish tunes I began recording in my basement studio. I sequenced and dubbed in all the vocal and instrumental parts myself. All it needed was that professional final touch so I contacted my good buddy Gary Holt to perform the tasks of mixing and digital mastering. 

This website is here for the purpose of displaying the lyrics and promoting my CD. All those interested can purchase a copy any time. Please contact me with any questions or comments. 

I want to thank all those who believed in me and supported my efforts including Gary, Buzzo, Jeremy Bittle, Georgene Nitzsche, Ted Paris, Brian Terho and  Betsy-Dawn Williams  among others too many to list. 

Thank you! 


tommy bittle
All songs were written and arranged by Tommy. 
All vocals and instrumentation performed by Tommy.
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Produced by Tommy Bittle & Gary Holt
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