When I Grow Up

Heros come and go that's the only thing I know
Now I'm waitin' for a my idol to show up
Been waiting here so long,someone to come along
And show me what to be when I grow up

I could be a power ranger or a terminator
Or maybe some kind of superman
Save the world, save the girl, make somebody's day
Save the air, the sea and the land

When I grow up d'ya think I'll find a little peace of mind
in knowing that I done all I can

Who's gonna wash my socks and shirts and underpants
If I'm out there saving the day
Guess I'd better bring along my mom just in case
To help me scare the bad guys away

When I grow up d'ya think I'll find a little peace of mind
in knowing that I done my very best

Please don't make me take the fall
Maybe I could just stay small
Can't you see what we've become
Just take your filthy money and run

But every time I see a hero I could be
Just another tin god to me

Oh, Dennis Rodman, Eminem, Snoop Dog and O.J.
KMartha Stewart in the kitchen
Mike Tyson, Phil Spector, pick your Kennedy
Colonel Sanders choking his chicken

And if'n I'm already over thirty three
How old will I be when I grow up
Don't wanna grow up


Have you heard the news that I've got nothing to lose 
I'm the man who has everything 

I've got wealth and riches and the world is at my
beckon call should I want anything

Can't you see I've never been lonely 
And you know I've never been hungry 
I've had everything all of my life I'm invincible 

I'm protected and respected
People like a money machine
You can try but ya can't take me down I'm invincible

Do you think I give a rat's behind about the
Bleeding hearts who think that life's unkind

If you think there ain't no justice in this world
Just wait and see what else I have in mind

Can't you see I've never been lonely 
And you know I've never been hungry 
I've had everything all of my life I'm invincible 

I'm protected and respected
People love the money machine
You can try but ya can't take me down I'm invincible

Watch me pocket all of the dough
Nothin'  nobody can do  (I'm invincible)

Take it from somebody who knows
I'm takin' it all from you  (I'm invincible)

You can spit and holler and moan
Don't make no diff'rence to me  (I'm invincible)

Look at everything that I own
Look at all that you need  (I'm invincible)

No Sympathy

I don't want no sympathy
Don't need no one to pity me
But I'll take a quarter, a nickle or a dime
Don't have no cares to worry me
Pressing responsibilities
And I don't need a purpose, a reason or a rhyme

Don't have no job to burden me
Don't have no home to smother me
And I don't gotta any place at any place at any given time
I'm right where I wanna be
It's all part of the irony lurking in the shadows of your mind

Ten thousand pages handed down through the ages
While history changes and you wait, but the change never comes at all
Yet I never lose the will to survive

Lost in the mazes of the back streets of the city 
Where no one is out there who gives a damn whether you live or die
And you're not even sure you're alive

     Don't waste no time to think at me
     Here in the pit of society
     Just look away and keep walking by

Standing alone in the street
Amid the clamor and the cheer still I only hear my own heart beat
The dark sun beating down
As I'm watching the crowd I'm confused by the sound of laughter

And I know how it feels to have a life
A warm bed and a home and I think that I know what I'm missing
In one fleeting moment I let it all slip away
As I watched through my tears tell me what the hell was I thinking


Sitting on a nebula
Checking his agenda
Sipping his morning cup o' joe

Yesterday he finished fixin'
A busted galaxy
One down eight billion to go

Stars and planets not to mention
All the things that need attention
Dark matter energy and time

Light years of endless space
Distances too far to trace
Dimensions that boggle the mind

Through his cosmic looking glass
He spies a little cluster of stars
So very far away

Zooming in he saw the sun
And all the planets all around
In a corner of the Milky Way

A long way from no-man's-land
Earth is but a grain of sand
Somehow he heard the people cryin'

Lookin' for the answers
To their petty problems
Why are they all on me relyin'

And god laughed at the little creatures praying
God laughed
God laughed at the ludicrous displaying
God laughed at the tiny ants marching by

Everybody's busy
Always in a tizzy
And so there goes another day

Fussin' and a-fightin'
Kickin' and bitin'
It's enough to make me wanna pray

Look into the mirror
Nothin' could be clearer
Tell me what you think that you see

Think you're really somethin'
But you're really nothin'
Nothin' you can guarantee

And god laughed at the egos all inflated
God laughed
God laughed at the the circus he created
God laughed at the tiny robots clamouring by
    I Dream

There was a single page of history
And where it went remains a mystery
It was like driving through a small town
Blink your eyes and it's no longer around

We saw the times they needed changin'
And so we did some re-arrangin'
We rallied 'round our new conception
With visions through a new perception

  Ahhhh, it breaks my heart
  When I think of how it all came apart
  Ahhhh, where did you go
  When greed reared its almighty head

And I know we could have made a difference
With a better organized resistance
But change it never comes on golden wings
It's just the way the pendulum swings

  Listen to me Mr. New Age man
  I dream, therefore I am
  So you got stuff but it's never enough
  And me, well I'll always be free

I dream therefore I am
I dream therefore I am
I dream therefore I am
I dream therefore I am
       The Ego That Ate the World ! )

So you're the center of the universe
Everybody's waits 'cuz you're always first
Your favorite topic of conversation is you

You'd think at your age you would realize
Sooner or later you'd be cut down to size
Then you'd have to take your ego trip somewhere new

        How can anybody be so long-winded about themselves
        When they got nothing to offer the world

Standing naked for the whole world to see
You ain't no different from him, her or me
'Cept that one head's too big and the other's too small

Your life's a mirror of old Oedipus Rex
The perfect stage for your Napoleon complex
You'd give up your Mazaradi just to be tall

      Everybody's got a season a rhyme and a reason
      But yours is a big mystery to me

      Everybody knows the answer but never the question
      Everybody's got something to say

You're always tellin' people what you're worth
Cuz you're the center of the universe
The occupation with your size fixation
Where cars and guns will be your compensation
Going Down 

Feeling so old, I'm hungry and cold 
Ain't never been so down 

I keep losing weight, how much more can I take 
My head is spinning 'round 
Ain't never been so down 

Well I never lost perspective 
And I think I know I never lost my head 
Was it something I forgot to do
Or maybe only something that I said 

Now she's gone 
I don't know why 
I'm going down 

                  PAY THE LADY

Went down to the yoga center just to clear my head
It was one of those days might as well have stayed in bed 
I had just closed my eyes when I felt a little tap on my shoulder
He said, "Sorry, you can't stay, not until you pay the lady"

She resides in a mansion the size of the Grand Hotel
And she hobnobs with people of influence, wealth and fame
She got butlers an' maids an' chaufers an' gourmets 
Lots of em'ralds and jades and a car for every day of the week
And keeps the rif-raf at bay, that is unless they pay the lady

The psychic said there was someone special in my life
I said "How did you know? did somebody tell?"
She said something would happen, don't know what it is
Could be good, might be bad, that'll be fifty bucks, in cash please
When she flashed her nails my way, thought I'd better pay the lady

  We're poor lost souls and we've got nowhere to go
  All we want is a place to call home
  We'll atone for our sins if you'd kindly take us in
  And we promise to behave from now on

Heard the Maharishi had a private 707
And for ten Gs he would fly you straight to heaven
We don't need gods or gurus but the ones inside of ourselves
Enlightenment ain't free anymore, 
No matter how they lie about it, it's for shore
But you can let your head down and pray
And you don't have to pay........... nobody

Copyright ~ Tommy Bittle 2005
     a. Before Time
      b. Chaotic Space
      c. Dharma

   ( Instrumental )


Before Time is a paradox. How
could there be a "before" if time            hadn't started yet?

Chaotic Space was taken from             Star Trek Voyager. I have read             many books on these                          phenomena including Steven                 Hawking and have never seen               this term. It was originally going           to be "Cosmic Chaos" but I like            the sound of Chaotic Space.

Dharma is a word with several              meanings including one's unity             with nature, divine law fulfilled               (Hinduism & Buddhism) or           Cosmic Order. Take your pick!

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